The University of Siena is deeply dedicated to promoting and disseminating good practices in environmental sustainability, energy conservation, and pollution reduction. To achieve this, the university actively forms partnerships with external institutions and entities.

Numerous initiatives are undertaken to raise awareness of environmental sustainability issues within the university community, encouraging specific actions among students, teaching staff, and administrative personnel. These initiatives aim to foster a culture of sustainability and prompt individuals to take concrete steps towards a more environmentally conscious approach.


Project “L’acqua ti colora la vita”

Dispensers for the distribution of drinking water have been installed in various departmental and educational facilities of the University of Siena. This initiative is the result of a partnership with Acquedotto del Fiora, the integrated water service provider, and collaboration with the City of Siena. The project, titled “L’Acqua ti colora la vita” aims to promote the use of tap water as a sustainable alternative to bottled water and to raise awareness among consumers about the environmental impact of their daily habits.